Mean Meena:

I was naked, as I knelt with my balls tightly tied, and waited for Mistress to begin the session. At last, I heard the door open and she stepped into the room: she didn’t look at me or speak to me but went over to where I had left a bottle of wine and my tribute, inspected them both and then came and stood in front of me.

She stood there for what seemed like a long time before she turned round so that her bottom was in front of my face and she told me to kiss it. I pressed my lips to both cheeks and then she said “Tell me how you would really like to worship my bottom: And I want the truth. If I like what I hear, I will spank you. But if I don’t like it, you will be caned.” and she turned round and sat down so that she was facing me.

Her eyes were boring into me and I could feel myself blushing as I told her that I would like to lift her skirt up and pull her knickers down and just look at her naked bottom, which I am sure is utterly beautiful, before leaning forward to kiss her buttocks. And when I had covered her buttocks with kisses, I would gently spread her cheeks until her bumhole was exposed when I would kiss that too. “And then?” she said and I knew that I had to tell her the whole truth. My voice was trembling as I said that I would put out my tongue and run it round and round her bumhole before I ran my tongue directly across it. “And then?” and I whispered that I would spread her cheeks even wider and push my tongue inside her until it was as deep as it could go.

There was a period of silence and then Mistress turned and sat on the sofa and patted her thighs, and with a huge wave of relief, I thought that she must have liked what I had just said as she was going to give me a spanking. I lay across her thighs and she delivered a wonderful spanking, stinging and exciting and when she finished, I was told to kneel and thank her. As I kissed her feet she said “No-one is allowed to worship my bottom like that, and hearing you talk about it and seeing how excited it makes you has made me quite upset: go to the playroom and bring me the cane you will find there.”

So I was to be caned after all . . . .

I went to the playroom where Mistress had left a long, flexible cane lying on the bench. I picked it up and as I did so, I felt the thrill I always get when I hold a cane in my hand and I began to tremble as I thought of how it would be used. I swished it through the air, hoping that Mistress couldn’t hear what I was doing, and I tried a few light strokes across my buttocks before I returned to her. I hurried back and knelt and handed the cane to her and she told me to kiss it and then get into the correct position to be caned. I knelt on the sofa, with my head down and my bottom up in the air and waited for what seemed like ages, and then, instead of the cane, I felt Mistress’ fingers gently running across my buttocks. “What are these lines?” she asked. “I didn’t say that you could play with my cane before you brought it to me; this will mean extra strokes” and then I felt the cane begin to tap across both my cheeks. After ten strokes she put down the cane and said “and your extra strokes will be with my dragon cane” and she held it up for me to see.

The dragon cane is a fearsome weapon and very painful and after just a few strokes I knew that my bottom must be deeply marked with red lines and then she lowered the cane and I was allowed to kneel and thank her. I kissed her feet again, after which Mistress told me to suck her toes. And after a few minutes, she said that it was time for me to be stretched and she told me to lie on my back. When I was in position, Mistress knelt between my legs and held up a pink, silicone rubber prick, bigger than the one she usually uses in her strapon, and as I watched, she rolled a condom over it and handed it to me. “You are going to take all of that” she said “but I will be kind and will stretch you first” and I felt her lubricated, gloved finger run up and down my cleft before she slipped it inside me.

“Suck it” she said and as I took the rubber prick into my mouth, she inserted a second finger, telling me what a slut I was as she stretched me. “Is this what you would like to do to my bum?” Mistress asked, and before I could answer, a third finger was pushed into me as she she continued to roughly stretch me. She did this for a minute or two until she thought that I was stretched enough when her fingers were withdrawn and she held up the prick she usually uses in her strapon and as I continued to suck the large one, I felt the blunt tip of it pushing against my open hole.

“This is what happens if you have bad thoughts” she said and with one movement, she pushed the whole length of it into me. As I was so stretched it was not difficult and as I lifted my legs up and rested them on her shoulders, she began to fuck me: the longer it went on, the easier it became and the more exciting it became and then Mistress removed the dildo and told me to hand the larger prick to her. She pushed the head inside me and then continued the pressure until the whole length was embedded in me. I was surprised how easily it went in and how exciting it was and I could feel my prick swelling and I so wanted to reach down and stroke it, but daren’t with Mistress watching. Mistress fucked me for a long time, using the whole length of the dildo before she reached down and took hold of my prick. She squirted a little lubricant onto it and within a very short space of time, her skilful fingers had made it hard and throbbing. As she continued to stroke my prick, my excitement levels rose higher and higher. She took me almost to orgasm three or four times, just stopping each time, ‘Edging’ she called it, but then, with the dildo still deep inside me, the next time her fingers went to work I was unable to hold back and came in an explosive orgasm, spurting over my stomach and chest. Mistress cleaned me up and removed the dildo and I thanked her and prepared to get up and get dressed but I was wrong in thinking that the session was over. Mistress said “Turn over and kneel with your head down on the carpet and reach back and pull your cheeks apart” and I knew that the worst part was still to come. “You are such a slut” said Mistress “that your hole will be caned. Stretch it widely for me and my friend here” and she rested the cane across my open and gaping hole. It felt cool and smooth but then suddenly she raised it and snapped it down, causing me to cry out. I hate it when Mistress gives me an anal caning, it is not only painful but it is also shaming and humiliating but I think that is why she enjoys it so much. When at last she was finished, I kissed her and thanked her and then I got dressed.

We had coffee together and, as always, she was then a completely different person, warm and lovely and fun, as we chatted about various facets of our everyday lives. But then, as I said I must go, she said “I was disappointed in your behaviour today especially as you came without my permission. You didn’t even ask if you could come, you just had an orgasm to please yourself and you will be punished for that. You will start your next session on your knees in the punishment position and I will cane you the moment I walk into the room.”

And she smiled as she said this and then opened the front door and I stepped into the street and she shut the door behind me.

I know she won’t forget – and I shall worry about that for the next few weeks . . . . .