“A couple of weeks prior to a business meeting I had planned in the Bristol area, I emailed Mistress Meena in the hope that she might be prepared to see me for a couple of hours the evening before.  She promptly emailed me back and requested that I call her at a specific time the following day.  When I did so, within a few seconds it was clear to me that Mistress Meena is friendly, approachable, highly intelligent and an excellent communicator.  She asked me to outline my favourite activities and hard limits and then confirmed that she felt we would be compatible.  She was not wrong!


When I arrived at the House du Croix a few days ago, she met me wearing the head to toe black catsuit from her lovely website photos.  She swiftly set me at ease and after a short conversation, there then followed one of the very best sessions I have enjoyed with a Mistress for many years.  I love bondage and her practiced technique with her ropes was literally the best I have experienced.  Knots stayed deliciously tight and constricted me in all the right places!  

She proved exceptionally adept at CBT and her use of electrics kept me on the edge between pain and anticipation perfectly. Everything she did was clearly planned for me, well thought through and flowed seamlessly into the next activity.  She administered pain and discomfort expertly, often leaving me anticipating her next stroke for 20 seconds or more.  However she also was fabulously adept at more sensuous play which became evident in our second hour as I experienced TNT, face-sitting, smothering and then a delicious sounding.  The session concluded with her edging me for about 20 minutes – FAR longer than I can normally manage – and throughout she seemed to have a sixth sense when to stick and when to twist (as it were).


Despite being restrained, hooded and gagged for much of the session, I felt empathy growing with Mistress Meena and by the end of our time together, I felt a real personal bond of friendship between us.  I very much look forward to sessioning with her again as soon as possible. 

Mistress Meena is pretty, funny, interesting, kinky and a true sadist.  Can there be any higher praise?”