Dear Mistress Meena (or should I say “Nursie”?)
Can I thank you again for the wonderful session this afternoon. I knew almost the moment we started that you had caught the mood of what I was looking for absolutely spot on, with the combination of mental and physical stimulation. And so it proved.
I particularly enjoyed the electrical stimulation being ongoing “in the background” for much of the session, with the occasional jolts of activity to keep me on my toes. And again, you judged my tolerance very well – I couldn’t have asked for more.
I’m only now coming off the high of the session – I think I may have had an overdose of endorphins!
I’m really looking forward to having an opportunity to come and visit again. Although I mentioned that I do enjoy other situations, I suspect I’d go for something similar. I suspect baby still needs some more treatment to successfully transform his winky to a sissy clit!
Again, many thanks for an enthralling session.