I have sessioned with Mistress Meena since January. I am so pleased that I contacted her. I am female within a happy marriage and I am fortunate that I have a husband who is happy for me to explore my submissive bdsm side.  I prefer dominate women and Meena ticks all my desires and more.
Mistresses are predominately used to male clients but being dominated by the gorgeous skilled Meena who knows all about the complexities of being a woman, equates to a incredible experience.
I write this for women who would consider looking at bdsm and bondage.
I have screamed the house down with the multiple orgasms I experience in my sessions with her. I feel so comfortable with her that I do feel liberated enough to fully let myself go to cry out. It is always with great pleasure that I look at the bruises on my ass that Mistress Meena has left. It is her souvenir of a another great session.
My husband and I have attended a couples session with her and it was incredible, we are both submissives. I loved being tied down while she played with my husband and vice versa.
Her skill and imagination meant that the session left us satisfied on so many levels. We had a bad experience before with another mistress in Germany but talking the disappointments through with Meena, she knew how to work the session. She is really good at listening to what you want and don’t want but also is good at reading the client reactions in session and can adjust where necessary.
I fully intend to continue to session with Meena when I can, either solo or with my husband. She makes me want to go harder and deeper in bondage and submission because I am so comfortable and safe with her. She is beautiful, cruel, kind and imaginative I couldn’t be happier I plucked up the courage and messaged her back in Jan.