At the beginning of the session Mistress Meena told me go upstairs and wait in the proper position for her. I opened the door and went upstairs and undressed and then I saw a cane lying on the pillow. It was long and thin and very whippy and I couldn’t stop myself from swishing it a couple of times and tapping it across my bum as I thought of how she would shortly be using it. Then, I knelt on the bed with my knees apart and placed the cane in the cleft of my buttocks and waited. I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs and when she came into the room she complimented me on my positioning and fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice any marks across my buttocks. She took the cane away and then she began to spank me. She started with her hand but then used a wooden spoon and something else which I couldn’t see, but which felt quite wide. It was a wonderful spanking but immediately afterwards, she picked up the cane and straight away, ten strokes were laid across my buttocks. When she told me to kneel up, it was obvious that I had leaked with all the excitement and she said that I had to be punished for that and she proceeded to tie up my prick and balls (making my prick swell as she did). She was wearing a black dress, which she said was her ‘schoolmistress’ dress and she stood in front of me and very slowly, she lifted it up until I could see that beneath it, she was wearing a strapon which stuck straight out in front of her.

She turned round and told me to kiss her bottom before she told me to lie on my back with my legs up in the air. As I held this embarrassing position, a gloved finger slipped into me, followed by another as she prepared me for the strapon. She withdrew her fingers and I was made to kiss and suck the strapon before she told me to kneel and spread my cheeks. She stood behind me and I felt the end of the strapon nudge against me and then she pushed the whole length of it into me in one movement until her stomach was pushing hard against my buttocks. Then she began to move in and out, and the more she did, the easier it became and the more I enjoyed it and the more I wanted it to continue, even asking her to do it harder. I have become such a slut since I met Mistress!

When she withdrew, she said that I had enjoyed her strapon far too much and would be punished again. I was told to bend over and then, using the same cane, another ten strokes were laid across my already red and marked bottom. I was then told to lie on my back again and Mistress opened her magic box of sounding rods and urethral plugs, and slowly sliding a carefully chosen long rod in and out, she brought me near to climax time and time again before at last, she knelt above me, spread her cheeks and sat on my face while she masturbated me to orgasm.

Enjoyable as ever and then it was over and I got dressed and we sat and chatted over a cup of coffee until it was time for me to leave. I put my coat on and picked up my bag and went into the hall and thanked her again and kissed her goodbye, but as I got near to the front door, she called me back into the playroom. I was surprised at first, but then I remembered something she had said at one session last year.

I said “I thought you had forgotten Mistress” but she said that she never forgets anything and I was to be caned again before I was allowed to go home: she said that I would get no sexual pleasure from a caning after an orgasm, but she was going to enjoy doing it.

I was told to put my bag down and undo my belt and lower my trousers and then bend over. I did as I was told, feeling like a naughty schoolboy, and when I was in position she very slowly lifted my jacket and shirt and folded them neatly across my back and then, equally slowly, she pulled my pants half way down my thighs.

Then I heard her pick up a cane and whip it through the air, and as she did, I could feel my buttocks clenching at each ‘swish’ but I could also feel my excitement rising. She tapped the cane across my cheeks and made me wait until I was trembling with anticipation. And then, another six strokes were delivered before she put the cane down. I stood up and reached back and felt the raised ridges across both cheeks of my buttocks before I gave her a big hug and thanked her – and I meant it. I pulled up my pants and trousers and then, ten minutes later than I had expected to leave, I opened the front door and went to my car.

A visit to Mistress Meena is never boring !