i’ve had the pleasure of two amazing sessions with Mistress Meena. She’s a stunning, gorgeous  and magnificent professional Mistress who was fantastic for my first experiences as a slave. i was able to find and choose Mistress Meena as the most suitable Mistress for me from Twitter and looking at Her informative website I was able to see what kind of person and dominatrix She is. Once i had decided Mistress Meena was the one for me I was able to message Her on Twitter and arrange details accordingly. She explained what She was going to do, the rules and safe word before any play started. This is what happened in my first two sessions with Her and i can’t wait for my next one which will hopefully be soon.
1st Session
i remember my first session with Mistress Meena vividly as if it still happened yesterday. I arrived for the session about 15 minutes early feeling extremely nervous. So i sat in my car for a while waiting for a little time to pass i was feeling, apprehensive, anxious with sweaty palms but I was also excited at the thought of meeting my first ever Mistress.
i finally plucked up courage to walk up to the house and rang the bell about 5 minutes before my 1pm appointment. my heart was pounding inside my body and my chest felt tight with nerves. i was unsure of who was going to answer the door.
it was Mistress who answered the door and politely welcomed me in. She was dressed exquisitely and looking absolutely gorgeous. She had a while top on with light coloured jodhpurs and finished with beautiful knee high black leather boots. Mistress Meena looked even more beautiful than I could ever of have imagined. Even though She was gorgeous She had a commanding and dominant presence from the second I saw Her.
i was still very nervous actually shaking on my inside however Mistress Meena was very politely spoken and tried to ease my nerves. She asked me if it was my first time and what was it i was wanting from the session. She also questioned me on my kinks and what i was into so she had an idea of how to plan our hour session. Then Mistress Meena directed me to go up upstairs to one of the dungeon rooms so i could get undressed and wait for her kneeling down on the floor. At this time i was still bloody nervous and my body was externally shaking. Even though i was nervous I wasn’t sweating. The dungeon room was dimly lit but with enough light to see what you were doing. In the room there was a chair, a bench and a bed along with racks along the wall with masks, belts and strap-ons hung on the hooks. i sat on the bed and got undressed as quick as possible. i laid my clothes down by the top of the bed out of the way. Then fully naked I walked partly to the doorway and then knelt of my knees waiting for Mistress to come. i was still nervous almost scared but the anticipation of what was going to happen made me try calm my feeling so they wouldn’t show as much to Mistress.
From the minute Mistress walked into the room i was in awe of her presence, she looked gorgeous like a goddess and once i looked into her eyes i almost felt like i was hypnotised (in a good way).
As this was my first session Mistress explained what she was going to do and also informed me of the all important safe word. She was able to guide me through the session and i can honestly say that i could never realise how pleasurable the sensation of pain could be.
From the minute she ran her nails down my back and teased Her balls and cock it sent such a sensual, shiver, spine tingling feeling all over my body that i had never experienced before. Her nails felt velvety smooth and She moved her nails in a curved motion down my back. This action made me feel great and couldn’t but start to be hard downstairs. it was very painful but the way that Mistress Meena delivered it was in such a sensual with a delightful touch that you i couldn’t fail but to enjoy it. i could put up with the pain mentally but my mind did race and I had to control my body when i winced with the pain and pleasure during a tingling feeling. my breathing increased and became a bit faster as I tried to control my feelings and my body. During this time i was able to keep looking at Mistress maintaining eye contact most of the time with Her.
i was nervous and shaking all the way through the session, i knew that Mistress could see this but i was still enjoying it. She talked and humiliated down to me all the way through the session as well teasing my balls and the rest of me by showing me her lovely partly undone top. We went through some boot worshipping which was awesome to be allowed to lick her soft leather boots which felt so smooth and wished it would of carried on for longer. Mistress’s spanking was exhilarating and felt wonderful on my bottom with Her soft hands hitting me hard. I was introduced to CBT with electrodes on my penis and Her balls sending a thrilling but painful sensation. Near the end of the session Mistress asked me if I would like to cum and my obvious answer was yes. However I was about to climax and Mistress then denied me the privilege. All i can say is that when we had finished i felt like i had died and gone to heaven!
The whole experience was totally memorable and felt like Mistress and made all my dreams come through. At all times Mistress did check to make sure I was ok and even help getting the blood supply back to my nipples! At the end of the session She told me that i was not allowed to cum without asking Her permission beforehand therefore putting me in chastity. After the session we had a chat and She got the house slave to make me a cup of tea. i felt that Mistress looked after me very well and hence the reason i wanted to go back and see Her