2nd Session

Once i had my 1st session i had to go back asap to experience Mistress Meena again. So i had arranged to go a week later. This i felt different my nerves had disappeared as i actually wanted to meet my Mistress. i arrived on time however Mistress was still busy with another client. So i waited patiently for her to come down stairs. When Mistress appeared she didn’t disappoint me she was wearing the most gorgeous black PVC dress showing her most beautiful legs. This time i felt we were a bit more at ease with one another and was able to converse freely.
Once the room was free, i again went upstairs and got undressed. This time i was wanting Mistress to appear ASAP.
Again when Mistress appeared just looking at her from her feet all the way to her head she was the most heavenly sight and again i felt like putty in her hands. This time i was allowed to worship Her most gorgeous and devine feet.
Afterwards Mistress gently put on wrists and ankle cuffs on me so i could be attached to the bench.
i wanted to know when she ran her nails down my back and lent on me whether i would feel the same sensation as before. it was but better and almost felt orgasmic as i was more relaxed this time and could enjoy it even more.
We carried on with the same format as the first session as i only had 45 minutes this time. When Mistress performed the CBT electrics on me this time the pain felt so much more enhanced as she had put (her) balls in bondage. i felt that she had total control of my body and no way did that upset i was honoured.
The highlight of the session which took me by surprise and wasn’t expecting it all was being able to worship Mistress’s gorgeous bottom and being allowed to kiss the length of both of her legs. They were so soft and felt like cotton wool when i was kissing them and really didn’t want the sensation to end. Considering on twitter earlier in the day she had replied that no way would i be doing that!
Unfortunately that ended the session my on regret was that i couldn’t stay for a chat afterwards as i was rushed for time.
i then left and she said she would message me later and true to her word she did that. i then felt again i was in heaven for the rest of the night and most of the next day.
i really think she is the most beautiful, gorgeous, sensual and most perfect Mistress in my eyes who has started to make all my fantasies and needs come that i have always desired. i so much want to meet her again soon and explore my needs further and to try out new things with her as i trust her fully and i hope that she is pleased with her new slave.
i also have to add how humble privileged and honoured i feel to be asked by Mistress Meena to write a review for her after such a short time knowing her.