Being a professional Dominatrix means that I am always having to gauge and push limits, and whilst it is a given that a good Dominant should do this with their sub(s),  it is perhaps not so widely understood that it is also an aspect of BDSM that Dominants apply to themselves.

I have written before that I did not consider medical play as something that interested me greatly at first, and that as time has gone on, I have become more and more interested in this type of play, whilst continuing to learn new techniques.

Before I offer any type of play as a service I like to feel confident that I have learnt technique and safety from someone who has experience and knowledge regarding that particular activity. As a result I have been to many places and visited many people and have recently learnt needle play (which I love) and also, even more recently, breath play. I get a different buzz out of the different types of activities I do and I find that the attraction of breath play for me is the combination of control and close personal interaction. It gives me a huge buzz to have such a level of control over another person, literally the power of life and death, and what Dominatrix would not find that intoxicating?

So, as I find new interests and stretch my own limits, watch this space, because I just might soon be exercising even more control over you, than you had previously ever thought possible.


Meena xx