I know how difficult it can be to find a brilliant Dominatrix, one that is right for you. There are many women who present themselves in this role and the experience is poor or mediocre. There are many who offer “services” who are in fact nothing more than escorts expanding their remit. And, of course there are a few who are genuine Dominants but aren’t right for you, i.e. there is no “chemistry”.
Mistress Meena is credible, proficient and deserves your utter respect and reverence. From the moment She walks into the room You are aware of Woman who is very happy when She in in control of the situation. She will listen to Your fantasies, your boundaries and develop a session that meets and is conducive to both of You. Respect Her and show Her you are a true submissive and She will push you to the edge. The broader the remit you give Her the more you will get from the session.
Electric play / torture is Her signature, She is expert. Needles are Her pleasure. She is just as happy with Her bare hand spanking as She is with the paddle, whip, flogger or cane. Buy Her flowers and She will thank you with nettles. She will exploit you, penetrate you and make You beg Her for more.
I adore full restraint and when restrained She will control me utterly. I move my fingers or toes, only when She decides I deserve the privilege. If I whimper, She beats me. If I take my punishment well She rewards me. She is perfect.
A good Dominatrix is hard to find, you will fall in love with Mistress Meena She is completely captivating and awe-inspiring.