I am having a long overdue photo shoot early in the new year which I must say I am very much looking forward to. It is an aspect of being a Dominatrix that I absolutely love.

As you know, (if you have been paying attention), I often session in Surrey with Madame C (@MadameC5 on Twitter) and I will be having the photo shoot with Madame C at her premises. We are planning a “stockings/lingerie” themed set, a “sexy leather secretary/auntie” set and a “medical rubber nurse” set. Although having said that there may well be other themed shoots as well because sometimes unexpected brainwaves come along while the clothes and cameras are all out and before you know it you end up down a completely different path. It’s great fun and Madame C is so inventive in this area, who knows where and how it will end up!

I will upload the pictures to my website just as soon as they are ready and in the meantime, maybe you have some ideas about themes/pictures you would like to see? If so, drop me a message or comment on Twitter and I may consider it.