It’s been fun getting the new medical room at the House du Croix together and we’ve had our share of ups and downs along the way, but it’s finally set and ready to go. I’ve already done a few sessions as “Nurse Meena” and I’ve enjoyed every minute of them.

Medical play is a great way to introduce role play into activities such as e-stim, violet wand, sounding, anal and enema play, candle wax, nipple clamps, speculums etc. I have found that, by subtly changing the environment in which these types of play take place, it can help to create a new way of experiencing these deliciously kinky activities, even though they may have been tried before in a different type of setting.

When I first started being a professional Mistress, I wasn’t particularly drawn to medical play, I don’t know why, I guess I just wanted to focus on other things, but I have to say that after doing a few medical sessions, I am really enjoying it and I LOVE being naughty “Nurse Meena”. I’m lucky to have so many opportunities to play various roles in my job, from sadistic Mistress, to strict school teacher, or the more sensual “tie and tease” side.

I’m really excited about the potential of medical play now, and I’d thoroughly recommend giving it a try if the idea of a naughty nurse has ever appealed to you.

Until next time sluts, and stay kinky 😉


Mistress Meena