Some of you may know that I was in Brighton and London recently doing some of My favourite things: eating out, drinking Prosecco and shopping. Ok, I wasn’t doing My favourite thing which is of course, using and abusing you 😉 but all the same I had a great time.

One afternoon I met up with a Twitter friend of mine, Cliff James, who has been into the whole BDSM thing for a good while longer than Me, ( all you spankos out there may want to check out his spanking website) and we discussed many things over a glass or two of our favourite tipple.

In a world where there seem to be many Dominants about who truly believe that they are better than everyone else and also seem to lack respect and integrity, the issues relating to BDSM that we discussed often returned to the important issue of respect. Cliff James and I are agreed on this: until a person agrees to submit, and through their own desire to do so, enters into a scene or relationship with a Dominant, then that person is on equal terms with anyone who calls themselves “Dominant”. Once someone submits, they are voluntarily handing power to the Dominant.  I know many people in D/s relationships, respect, communication and mutual understanding are the foundations upon which their Dominance and submission are founded.

You will find that when you come to the House du Croix to see Me,  you will receive a warm and friendly welcome. But…..once you walk into My dungeon, well……then you WILL be MY little bitch.

Meena x