Being curious for many years, I’m very glad that I finally managed to pluck up the courage and arrange a session with Mistress Meena.
Arriving at the House, my nerves were quickly quashed during the pre-session chat wherein the activities of the session, my previous experience, and my limits were discussed. I was then told to make my way upstairs, strip, kneel, and await the Mistress.
I had asked to explore pain and humiliation. As the clicking of Mistress’ heels drew closer, I wondered if I would come to regret asking that! Following some particularly severe lashes, my mind raced—how much more could I endure? Mistress Meena knew exactly how far to push.
I left the House with a huge smile on my face. I will remember this session long after the soreness in my nipples, and bruises on my arse fade.
Thank you Mistress Meena for the wonderful introduction to BDSM yesterday.