As you will know if you have been paying attention like a good sub should, I have been travelling around quite a bit of late. After a great day of medical play at Madame C’s superb premises in Farnborough I was fortunate enough to follow it up with another full day of medical play at another superb premises in Milton Keynes, this time belonging to Domina Sara.

It was a privilege to be able to work in such a well equipped premises. Domina Sara is a very able and experienced Dominatrix and I don’t mind admitting that I learned a thing or two from my time with her.

I enjoy what I do a lot, it’s my dream job that’s for sure, and I do like to constantly learn as well as grow in experience in order to keep my skills in tip top condition. Of course it will all be of benefit to those subs who wish to serve and entertain me at The House du Croix and you can rest assured that I will make full use of my new found knowledge and skills on you in order to ensure that your session is both exciting and memorable.

You can also check Domina Sara’s place for yourself here: