Lady Bellatrix and I will be holding a forced bi spunk fest on 23rd April from 7pm till 11pm at the House du Croix.

These forced bi parties are always such a lot of fun for everyone involved and us Mistresses love them just as much as the subs. What’s more you get 4 hours of Double Domme along with a number of other like minded subs who just love to express and indulge their slutty fantasies, and we can offer this for only £150 (in advance) or £180 on the door.

Limits and likes/dislikes are always respected in these sessions, and Lady Bellatrix and I will discuss these with you in private before the party starts. Safewords will also be in operation at all times during the party so that you always maintain your ability to not take part in any particular activity.

So if you are a seasoned cum slut or a curious newbie then there will be something for you. But let’s be honest, you love cock and dream about it don’t you? It excites you and yet it frightens you, it gets your pulse racing and yet it is all so wrong but oh so right too! So this is your chance to be that cock whore that you so often dream about being. So release that inner slut and you will be doing yourself a big favour.

It will happen one day. It is inevitable. There is no going back. It is time.