Mistress Meena’s New Arse Whore

It is with great pleasure that I sit here …. well try and sit here that is, to write a review on the very thorough fisting session that Mistress Meena recently carried out on me.

Her relatively short time as a working, professional Domme (her words not mine) were unapparent as she skilfully battered and stretched my poor arsehole to new dimensions previously unexperienced.

After what was only a brief introduction and discussion on the type of session requested Mistress Meena expertly assumed full control of the situation which left me completely and utterly breathless, speechless and barely able to crawl afterwards.

In fact, such were the levels of skill on display that day Mistress Meena has been visited several times now since that first encounter. She leaves nothing to chance and her approach to the time spent together is utterly and totally professional leaving you wanting for nothing …. but more

Treated with the right respect Mistress Meena is an approachable, understanding and accommodating Dominatrix who certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to fulfilling session requests. I highly recommend a visit to see her and I myself am going back for more and more and would you believe ….. More !! ….. In fact, we already have something else arranged and who knows I may just be persuaded to write about that as well.

Slave A says “Get your arse to Bristol”