2016 has been a year of diversity and branching out for me. At the beginning of the year I was using and abusing my subs exclusively at the House du Croix little knowing that fate would lead me further afield and towards new and exciting destinations and people.

In the summer I found myself in Milton Keynes after Domina Sara kindly invited me there to play in her medical room (or more accurately, hospital, as it appeared to me!). I had such a great time there and I was truly impressed by the wide array of facilities on offer. Domina Sara and her husband also gave me a wonderfully warm welcome and within 10 minutes I had a brand new hand made flogger in my hands courtesy of Domina Sara’s husband, a lovely quality toy that I have used on many occasions since. I will certainly try to return there in 2017 and if you are serious about medical play then I would strongly advise that you also consider a visit. You can visit Domina Sara’s website at:    http://domina-sara.com/

Shortly afterwards I had the opportunity to session with Madame C at her equally excellent premises where we had a stream of sissies, TVs, medical patients and rubber sluts coming through the door to make use of the boudoir, dungeon and medical room, and seeing that the weather was so fine we even decided to get the strap ons out and spit roast a couple of sluts in the garden. Lots of filthy fun is always had and it is made even more enjoyable by the fact that Madame C is such a lovely lady and so easy to get along with. As I write I am planning another visit to Madame C’s place which should happen within the next month or so. Can’t wait!

Again I would strongly advise a visit to Madame C’s premises yourself as she has wonderful facilities and also a collection of rubber outfits the like of which I have never seen, so rubber sluts in particular don’t miss it!


Following hot on the heals of all this kinky filth, I also had four page spread in issue 3 of Dominance magazine in which I described a session involving strapon, CP, boot worship and watersports.

And back to my kinky home, the House du Croix in Bristol. I would like to thank all my subs this year for helping to make 2016 such a great year. As you all know I like to spoil my subs sometimes and I have purchased a Venus 2000, lots of kinky outfits in PVC and latex and a good few new toys all in the interests of keeping things fresh and exciting. Thanks also for the many gifts I have received this year, I have been truly spoiled. Thanks also to the two house boys who have worked so hard to clean up after me, feed me, chauffeur me around and generally look after me. I know that sometimes I have had to hand out a few beatings and telling offs to keep you in line but you should think yourself lucky that you have the opportunity to serve me in a way that many others would love to do, so make sure you keep it up!

Until next time…..

Mistress Meena x