Bristol Mistress Meena – Submissives


Houseboy spart is obedient and compliant. Used to being used by The House Mistresses, spart will run and fetch refreshments upon Your arrival as it has to do for the Ladies of The House.

Having served, it will be dismissed upstairs to await You. Naked, hands on head, You will be free to inspect and examine spart, have it bend or squat, exercise and generally humiliate. Don’t forget to get it to show its gratitude and respect by licking Your boots.

Perhaps You would rather saddle and ride on its back as it carries You like a beast of burden or just administer a firm beating. Hand spanking, paddles, crops, canes and whips. The House has an array to select from. Everything a strict Lady requires.

So Dominas and Doms if this appeals to You or Your friends, come along and put spart through its paces…..or how about a hen night or birthday with a difference!!

£30 per hour for spart or £80 per hour with accompanying Mistress for instruction or for You to watch be it solitary Lady or group.

Males who would like to use spart may only do so with Mistress Meena.