Bristol Mistress Meena – About Me


aboutme2Hello and welcome to my site.

I am Mistress Meena, size 10, 5ft 8in tall and beautiful to behold.

I am waiting for submissive men and women who wish to join me in my wonderful dungeon for a journey into the exciting and tantalizing world of female domination.

I am both sensual and sadistic.


I will tease you and torment you.

I will demand your obedience and discipline you.

I will cherish you as My most valued possession and indulge My every whim on you.

I will take you to a place where pain and pleasure become one.

Your very own small piece of heaven awaits.

Whether you are a first timer or a more experienced player, I just know that you will enjoy a thrilling time with me and want to return again and again.

I want you…..

Come to me……

I am waiting…….